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  w hile dog anal glands problems are usually not life-threatening, with the exception of anal gland cancer, they are relatively common and can affect your dogs quality of life. Dog anal gland problems are more common in small dogs, but the can afflict any breed. Located on either side of the anus, these small glands release a strong-smelling liquid that is used to mark territory, show fear and help dogs identify one another.   anal gland problems in dogs are fairly common, appearing in about 2 12 of cases with dogs (1, 2, 3). Theyre generally divided into two condition categories those without abnormal growths.   c anine anal glands or anal sacs are scent glands in dogs. Common anal sac problems include anal sac impaction, anal sac infection, and anal sac abscesses. This page looks at the likely causes and treatment options of anal sac problems, and how to express the canine anal sacs. Although the video above teaches you how to express your dogs glands internally, this procedure is best left to your vet and their team. For dogs that have frequent anal gland problems, some may benefit from having the glands removed a surgical procedure called an anal saculectomy. The procedure can be costly, and isnt without its potential complications (most notably nerve damage.).   these anal gland issues become an acute symptom of that chronic disease. What can cause this imbalance? The main suspects are drugs and chemicals, poor nutrition and vaccines. The body tries to get rid of these toxins through the skin, the liver, and even the anal glands.   in this video we cover symptoms and how anal gland problems are diagnosed. Pdsa is the uks leading vet charity providing free and low cost vet care to eligible owners and free advice to pet. Treatment of anal gland problems is usually pretty straight forward. If the glands are impacted (backed up), they can be manually expressed (emptied). Your vet can do this, and he or she can show you how to do it so that you can do it yourself in the future if needed. To prevent anal gland problems, discuss a diet plan for your dog with your veterinarian. They may recommend that you include fish oil and increased dietary fiber in your dogs diet.

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