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  why is clear liquid coming from my nipples every time i squeeze them? Itchy anus - clear odorless liquid seepage clear discharge from anus? Uncontrolled discharge from anus after bowel movement black liquid coming from breast clear anal discharge. Anal leakage is sometimes called bowel incontinence, fecal incontinence or anal seepage. Some people only realize that they suffer from a leaky anus when they notice anal discharge on their underwear. The seepage may be watery stool or mucus that has passed unknowingly from the rectal muscles.   anal leakage can be a traumatic experience and cause great discomfort. There are several options on how to stop anal leakage to avoid any future embarrassment. Most cases are treated successfully with the right treatment plan and medical management. Topical applications, oral medications, or surgery are all viable treatment options for anal leakage. It is not always clear if the fluid, mucus or blood may be originating from the anus as it may not always have the strong offensive odor of feces. The causes and treatment of anal leakage can vary significantly. Often the cause of anal leakage is not serious but more of an embarrassment.   anal mucus discharge is commonly caused by transient gastrointestinal illness. In healthy people, anal mucus discharge usually does not last longer than 10 days. If discharge lasts longer than 10 days, you may need to have your immune system and gastrointestinal system evaluated for other diseases. What is anal leakage ? The anus is one of the few organs of the body that functions as a two system at the same time. Anal cancer it is a medical condition in which the nerves and muscles of the anus are severely damaged.

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