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The external anal sphincter consists of striated muscle that is controlled voluntarily by somatic motor neurons that exit the spinal cord at s2s4 and travel over the pudendal nerve. The internal anal sphincter makes the largest contribution to continence about 85 of the resting anal tone of 4080 mmhg comes from the internal anal sphincter. Other articles where internal anal sphincter is discussed anal canal the internal sphincter is part of the inner surface of the canal it is composed of concentric layers of circular muscle tissue and is not under voluntary control. Longitudinal muscle of the anal canal separates the internal anal sphincter from the external anal sphincter. It fuses with part of puborectalis muscle to form the conjoint longitudinal sheet. It becomes progressively fibroelastic and breaks into number of fibrous strands which pass through the subcutaneous part of external anal sphincter and. The external anal sphincter consists of striated muscle bands under the voluntary control of the puborectalis muscle. The rectum has the same innervation as the bladder the hypogastric nerves innervate the internal anal sphincter, and the internal pudendal nerve (s 3 s 4) operates the external anal sphincter.   the external anal sphincter, a large thick red muscle, is visually very different from the internal sphincter. It is a thick muscle that is wrapped around the internal anal sphincter muscle. The external sphincter is a triple-loop system consisting of top, intermediate and base loop. This sphincter, composed of smooth muscle fibers, surrounds the upper three quarters of the anal canal. External anal sphincter sphincter ani externus muscle . World heritage encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available. On approaching the external anal sphincter muscle, the ingestible pill may contract or deform, for elimination. Lors de lapproche du muscle du sphincter anal externe, le comprimé pouvant être ingéré peut se contracter ou se déformer aux fins délimination. The sphincter resistive system consists of the internal anal sphincter made of smooth muscle fibers and the external anal.   external phased-array mri of the anal sphincter complex is another imaging modality for delineating pathological conditions of the anal sphincter complex 5, 1214. This non-invasive imaging technique is more widely available than endoanal mri and is less uncomfortable for the patient than any endoluminal imaging technique 13.

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