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  anal leakage is a condition where muscles and nerves around the anus dont work properly. These muscles and nerves usually work together in order to hold feces in the bowels. When either the nerves or the muscles do not work in coordination, anal leakage is a common occurrence. It is also called as anal seepage, bowel incontinence, or fecal. One study found that 19 percent of surveyed women reported an episode of anal leakage. This number is much higher than what has been previously reported. It is a condition where the feces uncontrollably leak out of the anus. In severe cases it can become a complete loss of bowel control.   causes and symptoms of anal leakage (anal seepage) there are many reasons for anal leakage and usually, its possible to find effective ways to treat the underlying cause of bowel incontinence. Yes, ive been seeing a lot of stuff online about olean causing anal leakage. I even came across something where someone asked whether olean caused it and the olean people denied it and said how helpful it was. I think they were referring to some diet pills with olean in it or something.   i have similar leakage and itching issues that i can control through a very strict gluten free diet. Since i have had children, i have had doctors tell me that the bladder leakage was normal. Your doctor can often tell if your bowel leakage is related to constipation during your consultation and exam. If the examination suggests that there is a different cause, two tests can help your doctor choose the best treatment 3d anorectal manometry is a test which measures the strength and symmetry of the anal sphincter muscles.   contrary to popular belief, women have the most anal sex in their twenties, and the rate drops off as they get older. In men, there are two peak decades in anal activity the 30s and the 50s. Whites and non-mexican hispanics had the most anal sex when compared to blacks. Graduating high school increases the rate of anal sex dramatically. Aim to be able to do 100 box jumps day by sunday prior to this i would have residue on my jocks and very damp and smelly patches on my trousers.

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